◉ Please be kind and courteous to all members of BTT during you're stay with us.
◉ We have a strict no refund policy.
◉ We will not tolerate abuse towards Staff or members of BTT.
◉ We will not accept, abuse of trial keys.
◉ Please refrain from asking for more than you are allowed.
◉ Please do not PM Staff asking for additional keys, You will be warned for doing so.
◉ We have a 2 strike policy, first will be a warning, second will be a ban.
◉ We will ban you, without an explanation, if we deem valid.
◉ No Advertising of any product, including re-sellers
◉ Respect Staff
◉ Do not DM staff asking about issues, make a ticket and wait for someone with the knowledge to come and assist.
◉ It will be decided then if it will be taken into the DMs
◉ Sharing any information of a private product, chat or anything related to it to anyone outside the community is forbidden and can result in a suspension of the key.

Chargebacks are forbidden, If you chargeback, and you are caught, which you will be, We reserve the right to retain and act upon the following: Immediate Key Termination (This includes private sales to another member, then charging back the original payment)

IP Address
Discord Name
Payment Information

These informations may be passed onto third parties including, but not limited to:
National Fraud Database

All rules are enforced by the Admins discretion and have the final word when it comes to what and what doesn't break the rules

Enjoy your stay here at BTT!