SLC League Checker - Reborn

20€ / Month
50€ / 3 Months

SLC League Checker - Reborn

The most sophisticated League of Legends Account Checker ever created
Featuring blazing-fast account checking, insane stability and any feature you could ever need.

SLC Checker - Reborn was made with simplicity and the customer needs in mind, so that whoever you are, you will have an amazing experience with it.

It also comes with a very rich feature selection.

◉ Being able to run up-to 1000 concurrent checking tasks without worrying for any crashes

◉ The option to change the username or the password of an account within the checker

◉ Checking if an account has been banned and displaying the reason and the expiration date

◉ Removing the friends of any account with only a few clicks or sending a friend request to a summoner name of your choice

◉ Fully customization of the checked account view, allowing custom column selection and being able to re-order and resize them to your needs

◉ The creation of user-defined account filters, so that you can easily filter any type of accounts that you need

◉ Fully customizable export section with JSON, CSV and user defined export formats

Supported regions:
◉ NA - EUW - EUNE - OCE - BR - TR - RU - LAN - LAS - JP - PBE

Account information you can get:
◉ Summoner Name
◉ Email Status (and email address)
◉ Level
◉ Champions
◉ Skins
◉ Chromas
◉ Icons
◉ Ward Skins
◉ Emotes
◉ Ranks (Solo, Flex, TFT)
◉ Previous Season Ranks (Solo, Flex, TFT)
◉ Last Game Date
◉ Last Active Date
◉ Rune Pages
◉ Refunds remaining
◉ Refundable RP
◉ TFT Content (Little Legends, Map Skins, Booms)
◉ Registration country,
◉ Original region
◉ Creation date
◉ Last password change date
◉ Penalty time with minutes
◉ If it needs an username change

Supported proxy types: HTTP/S, Socks4, Socks5
Rotating proxies and proxies with authorization are also supported.

PayPal & Crypto:
$2.5 / Day
$7.5 / Week
$17.5 / Month
$45 / 3 Months

Supported OS (32 bit & 64 bit):
Windows 7 and higher
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and higher